25 September 2011

Emma to Hakushaku

Associated Names:Emma and the Earl
Author: Paula Marshall
Artist:HARA Chieko
Genre: Romance Shoujo Histirical
Emilia, the only daughter of wealthy commoner, falls in love with the charismatic aristocratic Dominique. The homely Emilia, understanding the purpose of property, rejects his advances. A stoke of misfortune then forces her to withdrawal from the society and change her name to Emma. No longer a woman of means, Emma becomes a governess for the Earl of Chard's progeny (should be Somerset or Northumbria but w/e)...
You have three guess as to whom was to inherit that title, and the first two don't count.
Status in Country of Origin: 2 Volumes (Complete)

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  1. loooove it! thanks for translating it!

  2. it's not completely scanned yet is it. since there is only 1 volume in the forum

  3. when is the next release on mangafox? Thanks for the hardwork!

  4. @ mixxi90 This is actually a manga not manhwa. Japanese comics are called manga, Korean comics are called manhwa, and Chinese comics are called manhua. Hope this helped you out.